Thoughtware Worldwide’s clients use hard facts and comprehensive analysis to help their own customers validate purchase decisions, understand the business impact of those purchases, and identify opportunities to harvest additional value.

Thoughtware Worldwide helps businesses:

  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Identify high-impact customers that can demonstrate the business value of purchased products or solutions
  • Showcase substantive examples of economic and productivity impact for media relations purposes
  • Provide executives with hard metrics for their messaging platform with customers, analysts and investors
  • Distinguish themselves from the competition.
Thoughtware Worldwide measures success! We help companies make market-leading decisions by leveraging measurement as part of their purchase justification or post-implementation learning. Our focus is linking the business value realized to the investment solution.

Fact-based benefits
Thoughtware Worldwide works with companies to audit and understand the value realized from their capital investment decisions. We produce detailed, fact-based analyses that measure the economic, strategic and operational impact of investments. We link the business value produced to the underlying solution investment, quickly moving beyond Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to focus on the undisputed business value generated from your customers’ investment decisions.

We measure your success as well as the success of your end customers. By focusing on the value of the solutions you deliver, we add punch to your marketing, sales and executive messaging.

How we’re different
Objectivity is one of Thoughtware Worldwide’s key differentiators; we are not a systems integrator and have no vested interest in promoting a specific technology opportunity.

Rather, we are a research and consulting firm, solely focused on measuring the value of capital investment decisions. Our research and consulting is based on facts we collect first-hand through our innovative measurement methodology. No surveys, no random sampling, no opinions. All of our research and analysis is based on astute assessments of the results achieved. We believe this translates into exciting insights that are based on real actions and factual results.

Thoughtware Worldwide’s services include:

Value Measurement
Thoughtware Worldwide works with technology providers, financial services and other industries to measure the value their solutions and services generate for end customers.

We can quantify the short- and long-term value a capital investment decision produces in terms of its economic, strategic and operational implications. We have helped a variety of firms, including HP, VeriSign, SWIFT and GE, discover clear and compelling benefits from the investments their customers have made.

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Management Consulting
Thoughtware Worldwide focuses on helping companies harness the value of information that resides in their organizations by bridging the gap between business and IT. Our unique approach is to deliver valuable insights and information-driven answers based on what we have witnessed in the marketplace from our measurement research.

Additionally, we open new doors through our extensive network of senior leaders cultivated through our academic affiliations and speaking engagements, as well as our work for leading solutions providers and their customers around the globe.

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