Derek D. Jones, Managing Director, Chief Information Officer

Derek’s unique role as Managing Director and CIO is a tribute to his strong technical and financial background.  With more than 20 years of experience, Derek’s financial career began at Southmark Corporation. He then moved to Bankers Trust where he managed several mutual funds and began his transition to technology.  Growing up on the business and financial sides of an organization, Derek saw an opportunity to leverage technology to automate numerous rote processes to better scale the fund accounting group at Bankers Trust, participating in the creation of BT’s proprietary and leading-edge fund accounting and management system, RICS.

Building on this success, Derek was recruited to American Express Corporation to help build what today is known as  Derek was then appointed Global IT Director for Simon & Schuster and Pearson Education where he was responsible for worldwide architecture, networking and security, managing standards for some 30,000 users worldwide.  Bridging his finance background and technology vision, Derek developed several economic and database models to drive fact-based decision making at Pearson. Derek holds a degree in accounting from City University of New York.

At Thoughtware Worldwide, Derek’s dual role allows him to maintain his CIO ‘buyer/operator’ perspective while providing invaluable insights to clients on how to measure success.

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